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Back Pain Solutions For Adventurers

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If you have back pain, you care about one thing above all else. Staying comfortable.

 Safe physical activity has been shown to help with chronic back pain and heck, we love the outdoors because it helps keep our sanity and fills  the joy tank.

We focus on making the most comfortable gear possible so you can leave your worries behind and do what you love

THE STOOL That Gives New Meaning to BACKCountry

Back Pain Solutions For Adventurers

Love your outdoor activities but feeling the pain of sling back chairs and crotch buster stools that make your neck and back want to scream for mercy?

Created by an ex pro ice hockey player with back pain FOR outdoor lovers with back pain. The original Comfy Stool ™ (Patent Pending) will help you sit longer and not come home in pain.

Most portable chairs and stools do not keep you in neutral posture or provide ergonomic support and comfort.

So we enginered the most comfortable outdoor stool on the market for prolonged sitting.

Grab your Comfy Stool ™ and get back in the game.

Discover the freedom of Comfy!

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