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Back Pain From Pro Hockey

After attending Miami University in Ohio on a Division One ice hockey  scholarship, Terry fulfilled a childhood dream of playing professional ice hockey in Herisau Switzerland.

He injured his L4 and L5 discs in his lower back in his late twenties which changed his life forever. He hasn’t lifted his kids up in his arms or put them on his shoulders  since they were babies.

Surgery wasnt an option. But neither was giving up the sports and outdoor activities that he loves.

Most  outdoor gear products are made for the “average” person who does not have low back pain challenges.

Which is exactly why we are here.

The products that we create are designed specifically for your unique needs. 

Terry has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, and earlier in his career he was certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association while working as a Personal Trainer. 


Getting Comfortable Outdoors- A Problem.


This is Terry plein air painting in the fall sitting on a crotch buster stool with a makeshift cushion. After years of putting up with  sore privates and lower back pain he decided that there had to be something more comfortable for sale by leading gear companies. Wrong.

Not long after this photo Terry and his wife committed to create and design outdoor gear products specifically for people with back pain who want to confidently and comfortably enjoy the activities that they love.

“The ComfyStool™ was invented  for all of us with back pain who simply must have more comfortable gear if we want to actually enjoy our outdoor activities and not end up feeling worse.” Terry Ouimet

What’s Your Back Story?

I can’t sit too long or stand too long, how about you?  My back gets uncomfortable real quick outdoors.

Flaring up my back is my biggest concern when I go outdoors and pursue my favorite activities.

Do you find that gear companies just make products for the masses and don’t understand what our sore backs really need?

“As a family we know what its like to try and live an active lifestyle with chronic low back pain. I can’t hike for 60 minutes without a place to sit. A rock or log  certainly isn’t going to help my chronic pain.” Terry Ouimet

What outdoor activities could you be enjoying more often, or once again if you could have confidence in the comfort of your gear?




Inspired By Mountain Living

We live and work near Montrose Colorado, twenty minutes from 14,000 foot majestic mountains and our family spends all our free time here enjoying activities in all seasons.

We have the ultimate outdoor gear laboratory minutes from our doorstep and that’s why you can have confidence that your Outdoor Comfy Gear was designed and tested by the right people, in the right place.

OCG shares your passion for the great outdoors. We know the joy, peace and thrills that it brings to our lives and we won’t let back pain get in our way. 

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