Outdoor Comfy Gear

Back Pain Solutions For Adventurers.

We Create More Comfortable Gear For Adventurers With Back Pain

If You Have Back Pain, You Care About One Thing: COMFORT

The Original Comfy Stool ™  Patent Pending


Engineered to be the most comfortable stool on the market for prolonged sitting.


Light and easy to take to your favorite places


 Fully adjustable legs. High off the ground or low to the ground. Easy in. Easy out.

Worried About flaring up your back pain?

Tired of Gear That Isn’t Back Friendly? Expect More From Your Gear.

We Know Back Pain. And We Care About Yours.

Comfy, we are the gear people for back pain.

Gear designed by a former pro athlete with chronic back pain for people with back pain.

We know what its like to be worried about coming home with back stiffness and soreness from your favorite outdoor activity.

Which is why we are passionate about making back friendly gear that can help you enjoy whatever it is that you love to do outside more confidently and comfortably.

Join more than 16,000 happy customers who just got comfier.

Comfy, do what you love.

Where Do You Need More Comfy?









Plein Air Art




Our Mission Is To Help You Stay Active And Be More Comfortable.

We are the gear company that outdoor enthusiasts with back pain look to for solutions and products.

OCG is the first and only company dedicated to engineering ergonomic gear  for your unique needs.


No crotch busters available here

Those of us who are active with back pain understand that one bad bed or sitting experience can put you in pain for days.

The Comfy Stool ™ was designed so that you can stay active and stay comfortable.

If you sit for prolonged periods of time, and value comfort above all else, this is the best stool on the market.

Nobody should have to endure their favorite activities and entrust their chronic pain to three poles and a piece of nylon where you dont need it.

Get your Comfy on!

Cheap stool: $12

Chiropracter Visit: $75

Here’s Why We Can Help You:

Family Business Born In The Rocky Mountains

We live, work and play right in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Many of the photos on this website are from the 14,000′ San Juan Rocky Mountains and rivers just minutes from our office in Montrose CO. We are one hour from Telluride CO, continuously rated one of the best ski towns in America. Twenty minutes from our office is world famous Ouray CO dubbed “The Switzerland of America”, a mountain playground in all seasons.

We test and design our gear right here at home in the mountains so you can have the best Comfy Gear on the market.



Obsessed with Comfort

Comfort is the very heart of our company.  We design unique outdoor gear products that are simply more comfortable so that back pain won’t stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

Expect more from your gear.


Freedom. Confidence. Do What You Love.


Does your gear make you fearful of coming home early with back pain?

Our mission is to empower you to enjoy the outdoors confidently and comfortably .

Comfy. When giving up your outdoor passion is not an option.

Ergonomic Engineering

Our promise is that we will always design creative ergonomic products to help ease the discomfort of back pain outdoors.

We are the only gear company that designs comfy outdoor gear for the unique needs of adventurers with back pain. 


 Adventure Out.

Get Comfier.

“Our promise is that we will always design creative products specifically for people with back pain, so that we can all enjoy the outdoors comfortably and confidently.”

Terry Ouimet

Owner, Outdoor Comfy Gear

“Eureka!  What a discovery this is, it brings a tear to my eye. If only my aching back could have had the ComfyStool, I would have found America much sooner.”

Christopher Columbus

Explorer, discovered America, Columbus Inc.